I love the NHS (except the sandwiches!)

It was my final session at bootcamp this week. I was looking forward to it and arrived with my forms to sign up for the next 12 sessions and the cash to pay in advance ( I find that helps me to go each week). We started of with a fitness test known as the ‘bleep test ‘. This was to help us benchmark our progress when we repeat it in 6 weeks time. We then did a rope run….running up and down a field dragging a tug’o war rope behind you. This all went ok, and then the pain came!

Next was jog, run, sprint….this was when I realised my knee was really hurting. I have the kind of knees that hurt most of the time, but usually I ignore it and keep thinking that exercising will strengthen them. So I grit my teeth and made a pathetic attempt at the jog, run, sprint. Knee now not wanting to bend.

Here is where you would think I would say something, or maybe sit out? Noooooo next up is tug’o war, which we lost :o(

Now we move inside as it is dark and start on some lunges…….OK, now is the time to stop and check the knee, there is no way I am gonna be able fool anyone that I am ok if I am doing lunges with a straight leg. It looks a bit swollen, but the final few exercises are floor exercises with straight legs, so what the hell……I will give it a go!

Walking from the hall to the truck it gets a lot worse, very quickly. By the time I get to the truck I am not able to bend it at all. Getting in the truck was difficult, but managing to drive home was agony.

But I am home, so I am sure it is nothing that a couple of ibuprofen, a glass of wine and a good nights sleep won’t fix…..like I said, my knees always hurt.

Come morning, following not a lot of sleep due to the pain, I suggest Leon walks the dogs with out me as my knee is feeling wobbly. I now realise it is a bit worse than usual……no flies on me! ;o)

I phone my GP surgery as soon as they are open and they agree to see me as an emergency. Excellent! Not having thought this through….I blame the pain, I realise I am going to have to drive myself to the surgery. This was not easy, I had to lift my leg with my hand to change from  accelerator and brake!

Doc wants me to have an X-ray which is arranged for that afternoon at the hospital and gives me some stronger painkillers. Now, being the brains I am, I think that I will just drive to work and clear up some paperwork and emails as I am on annual leave next week. Lets just say that driving is still not a good idea……you would think I would learn?

With the stronger pain killers on board I am hoping the pain will be, well, killed….nope! It is now obvious to me that I can’t drive myself to X-ray (I am quick!) . Luckily my wonderful friend Vicky offers to take me. What was supposed to be a quick X-ray , turned into being seen by the orthopaedic registrar, being admitted for key hole surgery to repair ligament damage, MRI scan, then change of plan and I can be discharged in a splint with crutches and some really really really good pain killers.

I am now waiting for a phone call from the trauma nurse to confirm that I won’t need an operation after the knee specialist takes a look at my scan this morning and arrange follow up clinic appointments.

Yesterday was a long day, but I am so lucky to have some truly wonderful friends and all of the messages they were sending me whilst I was in the hospital yesterday made the time pass more quickly.

I am glad to be home with Leon and my dogs for now and if I have to go back in for an op, so be it…….but please can someone smuggle in real coffee and decent food?? I was presented with a very dodgy looking tuna sandwich last night. I never turn down food, but this was a first!

We are so lucky to have the NHS, I would hate to think what the cost of the treatment and drugs yesterday would amount to if I had to pay the bill when I left! It might have seemed like a long day to me, but the staff there we wonderful and didn’t appear to stop for their entire shift…..and they will do it all again today!

Tuchena protecting my leg


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