Diabetes awareness week

This week is ‘Diabetes Awareness Week’ in the UK, and although I know a little bit about diabetes, I have no idea what it is like to live with it day to day. It is important to remember that it doesn’t just affect the person with the condition, but also their family and those close to them. Over the last few years we have watched our very wonderful friends learn that their son has type 1 and the roller coaster ride of emotion that followed. It is not just a case of learning how to administer insulin and count carbs. They have had to overcome so much more, including fear and self doubt. They have done such an amazing job in handling the situation and also supporting others going through the same thing that I think they should be given a nice shiny trophy! ( I know Mrs Fish would like this as she is a little bitcompetitive and likes shiny stuff, Mr Fish would probably just use it for beer!) We love you Fishis!

Please go over to their blog and read the Super Hero story that the boys have written about diabetes….it has made me smile so much this morning I have face ache!


3 thoughts on “Diabetes awareness week

  1. Really pleased to hear you like the story, my favourite part ‘The Peanut of Peace’ I love family!!! The boys had such a great time doing this. I think we should write more stories as a family 🙂 x

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