2015 in Pictures 20/52

Last week I took Zephyr to a Zoopharmacognosy session and was completely fascinated with how it worked. I have ordered a few bit’s and pieces to start my own kit and can hopefully build up my supplies over time. I hope to finish my NVQ5 in business management this year, qualify as a TTouch practitioner … Continue reading

2015 in Pictures 19/52

My sister and I took part in the ‘two tunnels 5k’ in Bath on Sunday. Carmen got a PB even though she has been out of action for a while due to an injury. The race is part of a series of races along the old railway line taking part this year of varying distances … Continue reading

2015 in Pictures 18/52

On Thursday Emily and I finally got to go to the Harty Potter Studio Tour!!!! It was amazing! It took us just over 4 hours to get around it all, but could have easily taken longer. It was so much fun to let my ‘inner geek’ run free for the day! I even bought a … Continue reading

2015 in Pictures 17/52

Road Trip Supplies!! I have a very exciting road-trip planned for Thursday with Emily. I think this may be the first time we have done anything together without our dogs, Zephyr & Boo. But this is definitley a dog-free geek only trip! More details on that next week!

2015 in Pictures 16/52

On Saturday night a group of us went to Bath to take part in the ‘Glow in the Park’ run. It was a 5k route around Royal Victoria Park and was the most fun run I have done! Fab atmosphere and well organised, I will definitley be there again next year!   

2015 in Pictures15/52

Ahhhhhh…..I have just spent a blissful week at Tilley Farm completing my third TTouch practitioner clinic. Slightly scarier than the others as it was the first time I had to hand in case studies! I am already looking forward to my next clinic in September!

2015 in Pictures 14/52

Chocolate and sunshine sums up this week. As it is Easter it is an excuse to consume ridiculous amounts of chocolate  with minimal guilt! The 4 day weekend started off rainy but ended up gloriously sunny and it felt gooooooood! Hello Summer, I am ready for you!

2015 in Pictures 13/52

This week has all been about TTouch! Leon is attending his second practitioner clinic and is experiencing the usual roller coaster of emotion that goes with it, but the dogs benefit so much and it constantly makes you strive to better understand them that it is worth it. I am looking forward to my third … Continue reading

2015 in Pictures 12/52

Busy but wonderful week. Isla came to stay for a few days as she was starting her Zoopharmacognosy Diploma and the initial training took place in Bath. Meanwhile I attended the second weekend of seminars by Suzanne Clothier near Bristol. it was great to see Isla, it has been almost a year since she last … Continue reading

2015 in Pictures 11/52

So, my weekend didn’t go according to plan. I was supposed to be doing course work and writing up case history notes, but ended up attending 2 days of Suzanne Clothier’s Seminars!!!! Leon was supposed to be going, but had come down with a bad cold (which I might have accidentally given him), so I … Continue reading