2015 in Pictures 12/52

Busy but wonderful week. Isla came to stay for a few days as she was starting her Zoopharmacognosy Diploma and the initial training took place in Bath. Meanwhile I attended the second weekend of seminars by Suzanne Clothier near Bristol. it was great to see Isla, it has been almost a year since she last … Continue reading

2015 in Pictures 11/52

So, my weekend didn’t go according to plan. I was supposed to be doing course work and writing up case history notes, but ended up attending 2 days of Suzanne Clothier’s Seminars!!!! Leon was supposed to be going, but had come down with a bad cold (which I might have accidentally given him), so I … Continue reading

2015 in Pictures 10/52

Wow…what a week! Feels like we haven’t stopped! I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days observing the team at Chapel Farm Canine Rehab Centre. I am really grateful to them for letting me spend time with them, they are so good at what they do and I got to observe lots of … Continue reading

2015 in Pictures 9/52

Shopping with my sister in Bath. I was supposed to be going to the Opticians, but as Boots cancelled it AGAIN, we decided to go to town anyway, a quick trip in to Boux Avenue followed by lunch.

2015 in Pictures 8/52

A day at the beach – on Friday Zeph and I visited my friend Karen, who just so happens to have a beach hut on Bournemouth beach! We had a great time, highlights include playing in the sea with Zephyr, misjudging the waves and having wellies full of sea water, eating dahl and drinking hot … Continue reading

2015 in Pictures 7/52

Due to lack of Internet connection while on holiday last week I am afraid there is no 6/52! This  weeks photo is of beautiful Port Lion where we have been on holiday 😊

2015 in Pictures 5/52

We have had a busy, but FUN weekend! On Friday night my sister joined us for ‘Pizza & Film night’ ( this happens every Friday night in our house 😄). There was a bit of a ‘bake-off’ challenge taking place between Carmen and Leon to see who could make the best Pizza. Saturday afternoon Leon … Continue reading

2015 in Pictures 4/52

1ok Ready? I finally managed a 10k run this weekend ready for the race we are entered in on Feb 1st. It has been a while, as I have struggled to regain fitness following whooping cough and a fractured ankle in the summer. It may not have been very fast, but I finally did it!

2015 in Pictures 3/52

This is the week that my niece became a teenager!! Don’t worry, it is not as bad as it sounds, she is actually pretty awesome :) On Friday we joined her and my sister at The Black Swan Arts Gallery in Frome as some of the art work she had contributed to was on display. … Continue reading