2015 in Pictures 30/52

Wow wow wow……what a weekend! I was lucky enough to get a place on the Sarah Fisher and Chirag Patel Accountability weekend. It was a weekend spent with two fantastic dog trainer/behaviourists teaching us how to empower our dogs through choice. The results we saw in the dogs we worked with on the weekend were … Continue reading

2015 in Pictures 29/52

Leon was away for the weekend (again!) so I was home alone with 4 dogs to entertain! On Friday I met up with Emily and Boo with Zephyr for a walk in the sunshine. I needed to pop in to work on Saturday so took Hendrix with me and he got to be ‘Office Dog’ … Continue reading

2015 in Pictures 28/52

Another awesome weekend…..it seemed like my birthday lasted for ages! My birthday present form my sister was a climbing experience at Cheddar Gorge. My sister and I arrived in Cheddar at 10am and made our way to the office to sign in, we were then kitted out with hats and harnesses, given a safety briefing … Continue reading

2015 in Pictures 27/52

What an amazing weekend…..I had so much fun celebrating my birthday. Leon and I spent Friday afternoon in Bath shopping for my birthday present followed by an early dinner and cocktails at The Cosy Club. Saturday morning I got time to go for a nice 10k run in the sunshine and the afternoon and evening … Continue reading

2015 in Pictures 26/52

Half way through the year already and the weather is gooooood! I love summer 😊 I was home alone last weekend (+ 4 dogs) as Leon spent the weekend in Wales having way too much fun on a climbing course. As it was warm my sister and I decided to go for a walk at … Continue reading

2015 in Pictures 25/52

Usually any crazy idea that Emily and I come up with involves Zephyr and Boo, however this time I decided Hendrix should join us as I am not sure Zeph is ready for canoeing……yet! This was our first time and both dogs did amazingly well.                   

2015 in Pictures 24/52

I went to Bournemouth on Friday to visit my lovely friend Karen – Although I was only there for 20 hours we managed to squeeze a lot in….especially food! I love being close to the beach, I wish I lived nearer.           

2015 in Pictures 22/52

My weekend mainly consisted of coursework. I was joined by the occasional ‘study buddy’…..Hendrix was a cutie and just lie down and sleep, Tuchena on the other hand made it very difficult for me to get to my laptop! Leon spent the weekend in North Wales. I must admit I was slightly jealous of the … Continue reading

2015 in Pictures 21/52

Bank Holiday Weekend Lovliness! Such a busy but lovely weekend. I met friends on Saturday for dinner and cocktails, celebrated my father in laws birthday with a family BBQ on Sunday and had a productive Bank Holiday Monday, starting with a run and then spent clearing out the spare room. Although that last bit sounds … Continue reading