2014 in Pictures 42/52

Playing scent work games with the wolfdogs in the garden on a beautiful Autumn day, while the Labradors were having fun at the beach with their ‘doggy grandparents’.

2014 in Pictures 41/52

This weekend was busy and fun! My friend Karen came to stay as we were attending a one day workshop on canine nutrition, vaccination and hypothyroidism (yes I think this is fun!) by Holistic Vet Nick Thompson on Saturday, followed by dinner at the pub with some other dog crazy folk 😊. After our Sunday … Continue reading

2014 in Pictures 40/52

After a summer of whooping cough, a cracked rib and a fractured ankle, I finally managed to get out for a run! As per my consultants orders, it was short, slow and on grass……so my sister and I went to a local playing field and ran around, around and around the football pitch and it … Continue reading

2014 in Pictures 39/52

I spent last week at Tilley farm completing my second six day TTouch practitioner clinic. It is such an amazing place, I am so grateful to have found it. On Thursday we got a chance to work with exotic animals, my favourite as always…..the snakes!

2014 in Pictures 37/52

The weather this weekend has been more Autumnal, which always makes we want to cook! I whipped up a couple of  spiced pear loaf cakes with a lemon drizzle, 12 bread rolls and a loaf topped with Rosemary and a red lentil, sweet potato and bacon soup……and it was all Gluten Free!

2014in Pictures 36/52

The ‘Green Smoothies’ are back! I am trying to boost my immunity anyway I can at the moment, having spent the last 6 weeks coughing and feeling generally rotten thanks to Whooping Cough. I have missed out on running, big dog walks and going out for our anniversary dinner. Although I am STILL coughing, I … Continue reading

2014 in Pictures 35/52

Yesterday I was supposed to be taking part in the ‘Color me Rad’ 5k run, but due to health issues I couldn’t 😞 However I am so proud of my sister who did take part, this was her first race after taking up running just a few moths ago. She finished in 31 minutes! i … Continue reading