2014 in Pictures 30/52

Summer is here, which means Sunday mornings are all about these little beauties! Blueberry pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, cooked on the BBQ hot plate!

2014 in Pictures 29/52

The ankle resting and nice weather continues! It may sound restful but I am starting to get irritable as I haven’t run for a month. Hopefully I will get an appointment for an MRI on my ankle soon. I am grateful that I can rest it in the sunshine at least!

2014 in Pictures 27/52

Mmmmmmm…….birthday cake! I was at the Wolfdog Rescue Dog Show on Saturday and was presented with the best tasting gluten free chocolate cake I have ever tasted! I have some awesome friends 😄

2014 in Pictures 24/52

I finally got around to painting the base of the hat/coat stand that I have had for a year!  I painted the top piece at Christmas, so can now finally put it back together and put it to good use!

2014 in Pictures 23/52

What a fab weekend! I spent Friday with my sister, Saturday with my Mum and Sunday with my hubby and My friend Emily and her dog Boo. We went for a lovely walk that somehow ended up in the beer garden of our local pub……oops, how did that happen???

2014 in Pictures 22/52

I spent Friday and Saturday helping out at The Xtra Dog stand at The Royal Bath & West Show. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the dogs and explaining the benefits of a harness with two points of contact. I was thrilled that some dogs that came in wearing halti bands and left in harnesses, they … Continue reading